Why does it have to be so structured?

Trees in Pier Park, Portland, Ore.

Why not just write it how I think? It doesn’t necessarily mean something full of typos that makes no sense, just free from the restrictive formatting into which I try to force my thought process.

Of the many things I learned in my university studies — graphic design, photography, and most recently, communication — is that we have three basic forms of language. Spoken language, written language and the language of thought; translating one to the other always changed the idea or information.

Sometimes it enhances it, makes it more clear; other times it makes it stilted or through a convoluted process of confining the ideas to artificial containers, the message gets lost. The writing is a translation of what I was thinking, and as long as I can express what I meant to say, the formatting should match the message.

I’ve lost many ideas, contaminated them with the process of forcing them into obedience behind the grammatical and style artifice.

So, why does it have to be so structured?

It doesn’t.



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Brian McGloin

I'm immortal and I will take over the world. Burner, photographer, bike rider, adventurer, grouchy. https://www.brianmcgloin.com